OCF and Fairhair Alliance unite to advance IoT building automation

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The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and the Fairhair Alliance have unified under the OCF name. This integration is designed to advance interoperability and security within the automated building and lighting Internet of Things (IoT) verticals by combining the two IoT frameworks.

The Fairhair Alliance has brought together lighting, building automation and IT companies to develop a secure onboarding framework for lighting and building control in commercial buildings. This has been achieved and documented within the Fairhair Specification.

The OCF will now maintain and improve the Fairhair Specification while certifying Fairhair as an international standard through the ISO and the IEC. The Fairhair Specification will augment the current OCF specifications, certification programmes, and open source implementations. It is also intended to reduce time-to-market for devices by establishing standardised onboarding and application frameworks for building automation and lighting control.

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