Themal Imaging 120mm Lens

Methods for problem solving

To solve the problem, we used the following solutions:

  • 120mm mirror lens was developed in which we used Flir Muon, with a resolution of 320×240;
  • created interface Muon>FPD3>USB, which allows you to monitor and configure the operating mode of the device;;
  • due to the in-house lens design, the angular resolution has become equal to 12.5 arc seconds;
  • the used matrix allows a resolution of 10-15 μm, which ensures 1.5 pixels per FLIR.

Gained results

During the testing of our device, we set several criteria for the tests. It was important to check its performance at small distances with allowance for interference in the form of objects and without them, and at medium distances. It was important to find out the effective range and stability from interference. ADUK GmBH is German company that provides embedded firmware development and custom hardware service.

Technologies used
  • Machine vision
  • OpenCV
  • Object recognition
  • IoT
  • Camera interface
  • Embedded Linux.

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