Laser Aligner Cutter

Short Description:

To cut out the dental aligner automatically within a few seconds. The device that cuts dental aligner by machine cutting from the carrier film. The installation allows automatically cut out the molds from plastic using the highest laser focus accuracy and the programmed cutting time of <15s for a moving workpiece.

How It Works:
  • The sample is installed in the cut compartment.
  • The cut compartment is locked for safety.
  • The sample coordinates are automatically determined and the laser cut trajectory is built.
  • The system sets the starting point of the cutting path, triggers the CO2 laser and makes the cut.
  • The system unlocks the cutting compartment.
  • The sample is ready to use.

Technologies used
  • STM32
  • CO2 Laser
  • CAM
  • Mach3
  • Linux CNC
  • mechatronics
  • optical engineering
  • Machine Vision

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