eCozy: Smart Energy IoT Device

Short description

eCozy is an innovative and intelligent IoT electronic device – a smart thermostat for water-radiators. It enables to reduce energy consumption by 30% and create heating plans with a mobile app. With its intelligent design, it can be controlled via the eCozy app, or directly on the thermostat’s large and colorful touch-display.

eCozy’s thermostat is ZigBee-powered – so it “talks” over the ZigBee communication protocol with the eCozy Central Unit, which is an essential part of the eCozy Smart Heating system and is used to manage up to 16 eCozy devices (eCozy Thermostats and external Thermosensors). ADUK GmBH is one of the services which can provide you with custom hardware and embedded firmware services.

Technologies used
  • ZigBee
  • TI MSP430
  • Colour OLED
  • Embedded Linux
  • IoT
  • Ultra low power
  • Stepper motor control
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Touch sensor

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