We Will Help You

From strategy, software development, hardware design, build and integration, through to maintenance, data analytics and machine learning, our smart end-to-end services support each stage of your product lifecycle.

Organisations are operating in an increasingly complex technology and information ecosystem. We provide flexible and responsive engineering services that support you to address the issues of technology convergence, new manufacturing practices, increased competition, operational efficiency, technical challenges and accelerated product development.

Whether you are looking for ad hoc mechanical, electronic or software engineering to support your project, or complete end-to-end delivery of a complex, real-time, high-speed integrated system, our services are tailored to your requirements. We can provide anything from a simple data acquisition card (DAQ) plugged into a laptop, to a complete aerospace control and measurement automated test system (ATS).

Our outsourced services allow you to effectively manage budget and resource, unblock any project hurdles, and ensure your critical deadlines are met.

By drawing on in-depth expertise gained over a wide range of applications and industries, our team of experienced engineers and consultants can quickly and effectively deliver an appropriate solution for your project needs. We can support you with:

Create your product concept

ADUK product design service helps you define your product vision and roadmap. Our customer-centric approach ensures your product is shaped to fit real customer needs. We combine technology expertise with Design Thinking, helping you craft user experiences that drive engagement.

Test out your business idea

We help startups prepare for market launch and larger businesses test out their boldest ideas. Through analysis of your business goals, market trends and technological possibilities, we design services and technology-proved concepts that best fit your needs.

Reduce your risks

We’ll help you validate your ideas, create prototypes, develop a roadmap and implement your vision, through deep-dive business and user analysis. You’ll reduce your development costs and have full confidence in the strength of your idea before securing major investment.

Speed Up Time-to-Market

Our product design service lets you prototype, test and validate your ideas and get your product to market faster. We help startups and product companies secure investment, while enterprise businesses and product companies can streamline processes, for a smoother delivery.

Enhance Your Existing Products

We help product teams redefine, reposition, improve and grow existing products. Our customised end-to-end service encompasses the implementation of your product roadmap, to support the future vision of your product.

Provide Maintenance & Support

We offer tailored maintenance and ongoing support agreements. We are always available if additional support or training is required.