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    What we do

    ADUK GmbH is the engineering company that has the in-house resources for Embedded Hardware and capabilities to create powerful hardware and sophisticated firmware from scratch as well as perform complex machine to machine integration leveraging the experience we have accumulated completing challenging technical tasks in dozens of projects for various industries
    On-time, within budget

    With sound project planning in place, we always meet expectations. We make accurate cost and schedule estimates for our development projects

    Hopeless projects rescue

    Our unique engineering team of geeks and scientists allows us to solve the most hopeless and non-trivial tasks

    Effective communication

    Despite the difference in time zones, we stay in constant communication with our clients and are ready to adjust to your work schedule

    Agile best practices

    At the end of an iteration, we demo each completed story in a working, tested system to receive your feedback and adjust the backlog for the next iteration

    Broad tech stack

    With our knowledge of a variety of main modern technologies, we can build firmware and software for all platforms

    Guaranteed support

    We guarantee free support services for a certain period of time after your project has been completed and launched to market

    Our success

    We deliver premium class engineering services for our clients worldwide

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    successfully developed electronic hardware projects for clients all over the world

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    years of experience in hardware & software development

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    mass-produced devices in various industries

    Meet the team

    Our team members are our greatest asset. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of engineering experts.

    Some Our Cases

    The most part of our portfolio is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so we can't show them at ADUK GmbH website. However there are cases we are proud to demonstrate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What platforms do you write embedded software for?

    We worked with these platforms:


    • STM32/8, 8051/x86, ARM, AVR, PIC, DSP
    • Texas Instruments (DSP and other),
    • Intel Embedded series , Qualcomm (Snapdragon 410, 800, 820), NXP (i.MX8m) MediaTek (mt7688/mt7628 — OpenWRT) 
    • Freescale , ATMEL, Microchip, — microprocessor platforms
    • FPGA (Xilinx, Altera)

    What programming languages do you use?

    Our Embedded rockstars use the following languages for Embedded Firmware Development:
    • C, C++, C#
    • Java 
    • Assembler
    • VHDL
    • JS

    What OS do you use for embedded software development?

    For Embedded development, we used the following operating systems:
    • Embedded Linux
    • RTLinux
    • FreeRTOS
    • embOS
    • QNX
    • VxWorks

    Do you provide embedded software testing services?

    As we are a top Embedded Software & Hardware Development company, we provide services for testing embedded software. It happens not everyone needs to develop their product from zero but needs to find errors and debug them. We perform quality tests using manual tests, Google Testing Framework, Travis-CI.

    What methodologies do you use in the development process?

    We follow an agile approach, practice scrum and kanban in our embedded development process. All our development is based on two-week sprints. We have all the standard scrum ceremonies: daily stand-ups, regular PBR, poker planning, and a retrospective at the end of each sprint. We also run an internal demo once a month.


    Despite the fact that we have been following a flexible approach to embedded hardware development since the very beginning of the company’s activity, we started actively practicing scrum tools a year and a half ago. The prerequisites for this were the growth of the company, an increase in the number of clients, and, as a result, multiple increases in tasks.


    Globally, managing the development process is reduced to controlling two types of risks. The first of them is to violate the agreed terms. At best, we can find out that a task requires more time on the same day that the developer started it. At worst — a day or two before the deadline. The second type of risk is to make a functionality that no one will need later. And that’s the worst thing that can happen. Read below about how we control these risks.