Ultrasonic Motor

Short Description:

A ring of piezoelectric elements is used as a stator.

Unique feature: A ring of piezoelectric elements is used as a stator in high-efficient Ultrasonic Motor without mechanical reduction gear. Control of Ultrasonic Motors could reach an accuracy of 1 degree with torques up to 10 nm and a velocity of 3 radians per second.



How It Works:
  • On plugging the device into the wall socket or the computer, piezoelectric elements expand and contract periodically, as a result, a moving wave across the ring is created and spins the objects.
  • The microcontroller controls the direction of rotation, speed, torque, and automatically adapts to the Ultrasonic Motor parameters.

Technologies used
  • Piezoelectric elements
  • Function generator
  • MAX3232
  • MCU

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