Energy Management System

Short description

The developed system was designed for monitoring and controlling various types of devices whose operation is associated with thermal processes. In addition, it is able to calculate the optimal energy tariffs and ensure the economical operation of heaters.

Main task

The initial request from client side was to create the possibility of controlling the operating mode of the home heating devices both automatically and manually. It was necessary to achieve an independent control of the parameters of these devices and the ability to edit their values and quantities.

Problem solving methods

To fulfill the task, we used the following solutions:

  • created adaptive software that is able to independently recognize, configure and monitor connected modules and devices;
  • developed a web-based interface for monitoring and manual calibration of the operating modes of the system;
  • created a “cloud” which allows you to store, edit downloaded data, and manage them;
  • integrated the function of downloading updates from the cloud server, storing several versions of them and using direct developer support;
  • ensured the possibility to configure the system for the specific needs of the customer;
  • ADUK GmBH also provides customers with embedded hardware development and custom firmware services.

Technologies used
  • С/C++;
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • SQL Lite
  • HTML 5
  • ST language for CodeSyS
  • Free RTOS
  • jQuery Mobile
  • CodeSyS v3.5
  • SolidWorks
  • Altium
  • Cortex M3 series STM32 based microcontroller
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • 16-bit sigma-delta ADC
  • communication protocols between the SPI expansion cards
  • I2C exchange protocols between the microcontroller and the ADC and DAC chips

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