Optical Solutions For Your Machine Vision Problems

Our mission is to make all complex or mundane visual inspection tasks and precisely guide handling equipment during product assembly automized. We work with visual sensors (cameras), processing hardware and software algorithms trying to make the world simpler even in the most difficult works.
Machine Vision Drones Development

We build autonomous drone solutions to secure your company's future. Our cases of drones development combine remote sensing, machine learning, and crop science technologies. Designed with industrial and enterprise needs in mind, our drone solution operates autonomously based on scheduled missions as well as on-demand.

Parts Positioning and Robotic Guidance

We use it for inspection on high-speed production lines, offline verification audits or robot-guided pick and place, positioning tools are critical to successful machine vision

Product and Part Identification

Identification encompasses a range of machine vision applications that involve reading printed characters and decoding 1D or 2D symbols on products

Verification by Machine Vision

Machine vision systems are widely used for the verification of parts, assemblies, and packaged goods. Verification is often combined with other tasks, such as measurement of part dimensions or reading of product barcode, to render 100% product inspection

Measuring, Gauging, and Verifying Tolerances

Manufacturing requirements for measurement range from presence verification to checking high-precision dimensional accuracy and geometrical tolerances

We diligently serve our customers with superior products, service, and performance

Industry 4.0 is here connecting machine vision systems globally while interfacing with our customers’ quality tracking systems, all accessible in one central dashboard. Our machine learning software is a perfect fit for the most challenging applications. ADUK GmbH provides turnkey vision solutions.
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Our Software Competencies for Machine Vision Product Design

Optical Design

We are able to design and optimize many types of lenses for industrial use, with accurate manufacturing tolerance analysis and specific test protocols

Mechanical Design

We can do to the full mechanical design of any machine vision component such as optics, illuminators, cameras, and even of complete vision systems

Embedded System Programming

Our team can program different types of FPGAs and microcontrollers and develop specific firmware and drivers for custom electronic boards

Image Processing

We are competent in traditional image processing techniques and we utilize the most current computer science/mathematical technologies to highlight the features of interest in an image

Computer Vision

We can develop algorithms to train a machine to understand what it sees through one or more cameras, converting features extracted from an image into output information - I.e. the compliance of a product

GUI Development

We are able to develop standalone graphic interfaces, web-based programs and entire HMI packages for machine vision systems

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What we do?

Backed by many years of experience building hardware and software for embedded systems, our team at ADUK GmbH helps businesses in the manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer electronics industries develop custom video and image analysis software for computer vision and machine vision systems. Our recent projects in this artificial intelligence field include a fall detection system for elderly care, a mobile app for detecting melanoma skin cancer, and an autonomous robotic lawnmower.

What's included?

We provide R&D product development services for computer vision systems that extract, analyze and understand useful information from a single image or a sequence of images. We use computer vision libraries such as OpenCV, optimize existing methods, and create our own algorithms based on mathematical models. Our goal is to build a system that has a high processing speed and doesn’t lose performance. For implementing computer vision projects we also use artificial intelligence techniques such as deep learning and machine learning.

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Our team is waiting for you to discuss your vision for the perfect application.

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