Why Is the Smart Toothbrush Better Than a Regular One?


Dentists recommend brushing teeth for at least two minutes to reach all surfaces and remove plaque and food residues. However, many people fail to comply with these recommendations due to laziness or lack of time. Who hasn’t tried to brush their teeth in the morning while simultaneously trying to wake the kids up, put on clothes, check the e-mails, and do thousands of other tasks? People consistently prioritize other tasks over good oral hygiene, which may result in gum problems and gradual teeth decay.

A smart toothbrush is designed to help people follow the dentists’ guidelines. Unlike manual dentist toothbrushes, it collects and presents valuable information about the user’s brushing habits. In particular, it can do the following:

  • record brushing time
  • record how long a user brushes different areas
  • track the pressure applied
  • identify the angle a user holds the brush at
  • beep when it’s time to brush the next area of the mouth

The latter is a valuable feature for those brushing their teeth erratically. Electric toothbrushes with timers help ensure that all teeth are brushed evenly and thoroughly, which is difficult to achieve with a traditional brush.

Motion and speed also matter when it comes to tooth brushing. Smart gadgets use high-frequency brush movements, which help remove more plaque with minimum effort. These gadgets can also reach deep between the teeth, where most plaque is accumulated. Doing it manually is very difficult and takes a lot of time.


The question of “how long can you use a toothbrush” is also worth addressing when comparing manual and smart toothbrushes. Dentists recommend changing the regular toothbrush approximately every three months. It means that you should always keep in mind when it’s time to buy a new one. Besides, changing toothbrushes so often contributes to plastic pollution. Smart toothbrushes are much better in this regard as users can simply change the head as recommended. They also boast a sophisticated design and look good in the bathroom.

In addition to helping users maintain oral health, a smart electric toothbrush turns a mundane (and, let’s admit it, tedious) activity into a game. These devices can be particularly fun to use for children, encouraging them to brush their teeth longer. Adults are also engaged in oral hygiene by using these devices. They create an incentive around brushing, motivating users to follow the recommendations. Moreover, while smart toothbrushes are more pricey than simple ones, they can cut dentist costs in the long-term perspective. Given the cost of dental services, purchasing an intelligent gadget turns out to be a wise investment.

Finally, a wireless toothbrush can send the data to the app, allowing users to track their tooth brushing habits. People obsessed with oral hygiene and enjoying a sense of control over their health appreciate this feature. They tend to look for the best smart toothbrush with this app feature because it helps develop the proper habits.


How Do Smart Toothbrushes Work?

Irrespectively of the manufacturer, every smart electric toothbrush works pretty much the same. It has embedded sensors in the head, which send information to an app. As the name suggests, a Bluetooth toothbrush does it with the help of Bluetooth technology. All devices are also equipped with a timer, which sends notifications during tooth brushing. Thus, as users brush their teeth, they can check whether the process is correct and change it if necessary. A smart toothbrush with app is excellent in this regard because it visualizes the data through animation.

Sensors embedded in the hand also send pressure-related information to the app, allowing users to control it. This feature is handy for people with gum issues or those accustomed to pressing too hard. Before using an automatic toothbrush, consulting a dentist may help set the suitable pressure parameters to preserve gum health.

Do electric toothbrushes work better? They sure do, according to recent studies. No hand movement can compare to the work of an electrical device, which has the perfect settings. Automatic devices, especially those with rotating heads, sonic vibrations, high speed, and proper bristles size and shape, are more effective and consistent in removing plaque and keeping the mouth clean longer. Compared to smart devices, no manual movement of the simple toothbrush can create microbubbles that clean the teeth effectively but gently.

Better functioning of smart toothbrushes compared to manual ones is crucial for people with some health conditions. Individuals with Parkinson’s disease, severe arthritis, history of stroke, etc., can struggle using a manual toothbrush for the recommended time. The benefits of electric gadgets are undeniable to them, as they make oral hygiene procedures less stressful and time-consuming.

Why a Smart Toothbrush Will Help You with Oral Health?

Advanced toothbrush technology allowing to clean one’s teeth more efficiently has revolutionized oral hygiene in many ways:

  • People using smart devices can remove the plaque more effectively, reach the most inaccessible parts of the mouth, and prevent many oral health problems, such as cavities, gum disease, periodontitis, etc.
  • Automatic teeth brushing also helps preserve fresh breath longer because it enables more thorough tooth brushing.
  • Oral health greatly depends on the time one spends cleaning their teeth. Unfortunately, very few people set the timer when they do it, so they often do not spend enough time brushing their teeth properly. With smart devices, it is no longer a problem. Their minute timers and alerts allow users to relax and enjoy the process instead of counting seconds in their heads.
  • In addition, smart technology is also essential for encouraging and maintaining good oral health in children. Getting a child to clean their teeth using a manual toothbrush is a nightmare, but it may be much easier with a smart gadget. A better toothbrush connected to an app is perceived as a toy, not a medical device. As a result, parents can teach children how to keep their teeth clean, instilling life-long oral hygiene habits.

Develop Your Own Smart Toothbrush with ADUK

When it comes to oral health, personalization matters. If you haven’t found your perfect smart toothbrush yet, you can develop one yourself. Perfectly adjusted to your needs, it can make the brushing process more convenient and pleasant. ADUK company can help you design and create a toothbrush of any level of complexity. Whether you’re looking for an electric toothbrush with sensor that would fit your specific health needs or simply want to enjoy a more functional app – the ADUK development company can bring your ideas to life. All you need to do is contact the experienced specialists at https://aduk.de and share your ideas.

We can also help design smart toothbrushes for mass manufacturing. If you want to enter this industry, ADUK has enough expertise and skills to create a competitive product. We take responsibility for the quality of our mass-produced products and ensure that they meet the highest international safety and quality standards.

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