Smart Camera: System That You Can Use for a Wide Variety of Purposes

Smart Camera: System That You Can Use for a Wide Variety of Purposes

It’s hard to imagine the world without smart camera equipment anymore. These systems are installed in all public premises, like trade centers and office buildings, and outdoors for security and tracking purposes. The use of a smart camera system in a building can help monitor the incoming and outgoing people to identify the criminals or find missing children. Smart outdoor camera networks also help reduce crime rates in high-crime neighborhoods. They capture the faces of pedestrians and alarm the law enforcement offices if some crime is committed in their view. Besides, by using the records of smart cameras, detectives can pursue criminals more effectively.

While smart cameras are widespread for public security purposes, a Wi-Fi smart camera is also becoming commonplace in private settings. Individuals increasingly use such systems to protect their private property and identify intruders to their apartments or homes. The benefit of using such smart equipment is that it typically integrates seamlessly in the IoT system for a smart home, enabling the user to check-in and monitor the state of their property from a tablet or smartphone at a distance.

Do you want to install a machine vision system in your home, office, or manufacturing premises? Read on to find everything you need to know about smart cameras and the innovation surrounding their use. You’ll see how to choose a smart light bulb camera, where you can use this technology efficiently, and what pros and cons its use involves.

Smart Camera: System That You Can Use for a Wide Variety of Purposes

Where Can You Use Smart Cameras?

There is a realm of application for a smart camera system in various settings. Here are some classic use cases for this technology to consider.

Smart Doorbell Camera

Having a smart camera connected to your doorbell adds comfort and freedom to your daily living. Using this system, you can open the door while in a bathroom or the backyard. You can also talk to the visitor ringing your doorbell while you’re away let’s say, you’re late for the meeting with a friend and stuck in a traffic jam. Thus, once your doorbell rings, you get a signal to your smartphone and can let your guest in while you’re still away.

Besides these evident bonuses, a smart doorbell camera can record the faces of everyone coming to your doorsteps while you’re away, thus giving you enough surveillance information to find out who broke your flowers or stained your carpet.

Smart Parking System

The world would become a way better place if people coming to the parking lot could clearly see how many free spots remain and where they are. Most of us spend too much time looking for a free spot, so smart parking cameras can resolve many issues by helping people park quicker and more efficiently.

Smart Security Camera in Public Places

As we’ve already discussed above, smart security cameras are a perfect solution to many public security issues. They can track suspicious activities, help identify the routes of suspicious visitors, and can detect abnormalities, like weapons or high body temperature. Cameras can be integrated into broader 360 smart camera systems equipped with sensors and scanners, thus giving the law enforcement or security personnel full data about the visitors of trade centers and office buildings.

Smart Home Camera for Geofencing

Geofencing is also getting increasingly popular among smart camera users. It allows you to divide the space you want to control with video monitoring means into sections. Video recording automatically turns on whenever an intruder trespasses special zones’ boundaries. Besides, geofencing works well to let you forget about turning the smart cameras on and off; it turns on automatically once you close the door and leave the house.

Risks of Using Smart Cameras

Alongside all these benefits, you need to remember that retail smart camera technology is highly vulnerable to abuse and hacking. If you’re a layperson without special programming or digital knowledge, you may easily fall prey to hackers and voyeurism as someone can break into your IoT system and watch you conspicuously. So, to guarantee the security and privacy of your visual data, make sure you set a strong password and change it regularly to avoid unwanted intruders.

Smart Camera System That You Can Use for a Wide Variety of Purposes

How Does It Work?

Now let’s clarify how a smart digital camera actually works and what technology its use involves. The major types of digital imaging technology used in such systems involve charge-coupled devices (CCDs) and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensors. CCDs are a more widespread technology in smart camera products, but CMOS’s spread and growing capacity have contributed to the popularity of CMOS-based smart camera systems. The major advantage of CMOS is their integrability with sensing systems, so they lay the basis for complex machine vision, surveillance, thermo-imaging, medical imaging, and motion capture equipment.

One of the earliest systems of this kind, Cyclops, operated on a 7.3 MHz, 8-bit microcontroller, which was relatively weak in terms of processing capacity. It also used the MICA2 wireless mote to communicate the captured visual information. Other popular systems utilize the cluster of a webcam and a wireless PCMCIA card connected to a Stargate board with a processor.

Another example of a modern smart home camera system is MeshEye, developed by Stanford engineers. Its principle of operation involves using a CMOS VGA sensor module and 2-8 sensors with 30×30 pixel optical capacity. Communication is done with the help of a ZigBee transceiver, connecting the camera to a microcontroller with an ARM7 processor. This smart Wi-Fi security camera solution is beneficial for its low-power consumption, though the RM7 processor has a limited processing capacity.

Smart Camera

Develop the Smart Camera for Your Purpose with ADUK

While smart gadgets are commonplace today, the key business advantage comes with its proper customization and differentiation. You can tailor the software settings endlessly to make your camera system respond to your individual monitoring needs and preferences. Thus, we recommend focusing on the settings’ choice to make the system flexible, relevant, and effective.

Are you interested in custom hardware development for your business or private premises? Contact ADUK managers to get a workable solution in the sphere of machine vision development and smart camera system setup. Visit to get a free consultation on the potential of smart camera use, and you will be able to harness the potential of this innovative technology with proper expert oversight and advice.

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