Smart parking system. How to make your life easier.

No city can become a sustainable or Smart city if it does not have Smart parking. If people can’t find free parking, or they have to pay too much for a parking space, they probably won’t come back to do more shopping, visit a restaurant or spend money in any other way. In addition, residents should have enough places to park their cars near their homes and workplace.

Smart parking today is more than a necessary urban infrastructure element. Intelligent parking allows people to quickly and easily find free places. Imagine a tool that would allow you to easily get a clear idea of where you can find available parking spaces and how long each place is occupied.

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Smart parking system. How to make your life easier.

Using low-cost sensors and smartphone-enabled payment systems, Intelligent parking system software can collect real-time traffic data, which can then be transmitted to operators, drivers, and local authorities for effective traffic and parking management. It also allows people to reserve parking in advance, or at least pinpoint the desired parking spot. A comprehensive intelligent solution for smart cars parking can help reduce air emissions from cars in urban areas by reducing parking time, as well as allow the authorities to effectively parking management.

Let’s take an example of how a typical smart parking system that we previously developed works. To control the entry of vehicles, an intelligent parking sensor system is installed in front of the barrier to recognizing license plates. When the car approaches the parking lot, the system reads the number, checking its presence in the database, and if the number is found in the white list, it automatically sends a command to open the barrier.

If a person participates, everything that happens at the checkpoint is displayed on the security guard’s monitor: which car wants to call in, at what time, through which barrier, whether this vehicle is allowed to enter, and, if so, which one. After that, the system will offer to manually open the barrier. The monitor also displays data in real time on whom, when they entered, left, how long they stood, and how many cars are currently on smart parking garages.

For more enhanced control of actions in the parking lot, an additional video recording camera is installed at the exit. This architecture of the system will allow you to deal with unauthorized entry into the parking lot. For example, when cars are moving so close to each other that the cameras do not recognize the number of the vehicle following the first car in this “train”. The surveillance camera at the exit will detect a car whose license plate was not recognized at the entrance, and the system will give an alarm signal.

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Advantages of the smart parking system

The car license plate recognition system in front of the barrier in automated mode is characterized by the versatility of application at any intensity of traffic flow. It allows you to reduce the risk of congestion at the checkpoint and eliminates the human factor.

The absence of the probability of penetration of prohibited vehicles into the parking lot. Intelligent integrated video surveillance systems determine not only the vehicle number but also its other dimensions, including weight. Therefore, the system automatically eliminates the possibility of entering the territory using fake numbers or carrying it in your hand.

The dispatcher or the security guard is also not able to bypass the system lock on the entrance. Entering a one-time pass manually into the system is possible, but without this manipulation, automation will not allow the car to enter the parking area. Moreover, all attempts of unsuccessful penetration are registered in the event log as an alarm.

How can we do parking smart?

Smart parking is a parking arrangement equipped with an automatic or semi-automatic pass system. The main task is to minimize human participation. Smart parking in a constructive plan assumes the presence of the following components:

  • automatic stands at the entrance and exit – a barrier or automated control at the gate;
  • smart parking sensors-determines the rights of entry/exit to a certain territory of a particular vehicle. Basically, this is a smart camera;
  • parking software;
  • server;
  • the workplace of the dispatcher or security guard equipped with a monitor.

There are several types of Smart parking. The classification is based on the principle of operation of the entry/exit system:

  • A phone call or call button-communication with the dispatcher;
  • Bluetooth;
  • RFID tag;
  • recognition of the vehicle number.

Each of the types has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to choose for yourself an optional smart parking system that will be most suitable for your tasks (for example, for barriers) and will save resources, and also differs in the transparency of the operation of the access system in automated mode.

Intelligent AI-based parking systems use cameras and sensors to collect real-time parking space data. The system constantly analyzes data, including the movement and type of vehicles, peak hours, and the frequency of changing cars in parking spaces, in order to predict future trends. In combination with digital payment methods at the points of entry and exit, an intelligent parking system allows you to save drivers’ time and reduce operating costs.

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Digital parking system design

The parking space management system, which includes a smart digital camera, gateways, a map of the location of parking spaces that is updated in real time, is an important stage on the way to creating a fully automated parking function of the future.

In the near future, drivers will be able to simply leave their vehicles at the entrance to the parking lot. With the help of smartphones, they will be able to give the command to the cars to find a free place and park themselves, as well as to leave the parking lot independently. For this service to work, self-driving cars need accurate information about free parking spaces, which ADUK GmbH can already provide. We have experience in digital system design of such turnkey systems, from the selection of hardware and firmware development to production and installation.

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