Drone Machine Vision System

Drone Machine Vision: simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

We developed an aerial optical navigation system based on drone machine vision SLAM algorithms (relative optical navigation), Algorithm of Morphological Correlation-Extreme Navigation System. It is an absolute navigation system for a preloaded map and IMU. All these three information layers were combined by a single filter, taking into account the budget of errors and the time of reliability of the data of each information layer. This filter actually made a decision about the actual position of the object.

We also improved the stability of MEMS IMU readings by using redundant navigation systems in non-orthogonal positions. This allowed obtaining high stability indicators for household IMU.

Drone aerial machine vision, according to the conditions of the task, had to determine its location no worse than 2 meters after it had flown 70 kilometers without the use of GPS.

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Technologies used
  • Obstacle avoidance algorithms
  • SLAM
  • Stereovision
  • GPS

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