Keyless Entry Car Technology

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The automotive industry is developing every year. Manufacturers are introducing new technologies and options that can be useful for the driver and make driving easier. Some systems are designed to improve the safety of the vehicle.

The largest car companies today advertise new options and say that they can work at 100%, but not all cars have such options because they will cost much more in some cases. But the most important thing that you should not save on is security, which we will talk about today.

How does keyless entry system work in a car?

What is a keyless entry in the car? This electronic system allows you to recognize the owner of the car using a special chip, which is usually located in the keychain. The owner of the vehicle gets access to the interior, trunk, and engine start without any key. Also, keyless access allows you to protect the car from theft. Some automakers even offer to use a smartphone as a control device. But based on personal security, the smartphone may be lost and anyone can get access to the car. The cost of a keyless entry for a car depends on the functions and capabilities performed.

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Keyless entry car: how does it work

The work is based on the following algorithm, which has a two-level verification:

  1. The car owner, approaching the car at a distance of 2-3 meters, presses the button on the keychain, the system sends an appropriate signal to the block system, which is located in the car itself;
  2. The received signal is processed by the system and in response sends an encrypted signal to the keychain.
  3. The block located in the keychain, after processing the received encrypted signal from the block system, again sends a code signal in response to the request, only this time on a different frequency.
  4. The system located in the car, having received a positive response to all requests, allows the driver to open the door, removing the car from the alarm system.

In the case of start a car with a smartphone is used for keyless access instead of a keychain, the data will be transmitted via Bluetooth or via a Wi-Fi network, which is much less common.

ADUK company has developed a system with which you can drive a car using a smartphone. We have developed a device that allows you to drive a car using a smartphone. It’s killer feature: The possibility of remote cooling or preheating the car according to its needs. A real-time GPS-based navigation and speed measurement system has been developed and calibrated. The device allows the user to access the control of the car’s engine. The car can be turned on and off with a single touch of your smartphone.

Pros and cons of keyless car

We have discussed many nuances and principles of keyless access. But how to start a keyless car? How does modern keyless access to the car work? When the owner of the car approaches it at a certain distance, the electronics recognize the smart key code and remove the protection by opening the door locks.

Once placed in the car, the driver will only need to press the start button and the engine will start.

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Many car owners ask themselves how safe keyless access to the car is and if it has obvious advantages, then there must be disadvantages. After all, there is such a pattern: the problems that arise with any device are directly proportional to the complexity of its technological execution.

Recently, the climate around the world has been joking with us in earnest. Therefore, it is quite logical to think about how the keyless access system will behave in extreme heat and prickly frosts.

Judging by the experience of service centers, we can safely refute the fears of car owners that arise in this regard. The percentage of breakdowns of this system from the total number of all that occurs in the car is very small.

As protection against theft, the keyless system is very reliable, but only if it is used in collaboration with other anti-theft systems. Although there is already a built-in immobilizer function, which is quite enough for basic protection of the car from theft.

But do not be too happy with such a number of advantages. Difficulties with keyless access to the car may still arise. Firstly, if the smart key is lost, then you will not get into the car just like that, but this is half the trouble. You won’t even start it.

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How to prevent keyless car theft

There are firmware versions that will change the alarm control code to another one, which means they will be out of the reach of repeaters. Or hide the alarm keychain in a metallic foil screen — a simple but effective way.

A roll of household foil is taken, unwound to the width of the shoulder strap. The resulting square is folded in half, again in half. We fold the four-layer square diagonally, insert the key and bend the corners. It is more convenient to put a bundle in a jacket, unlike iron boxes.

Owners of cars with a comfortable access system to the car should exercise increased vigilance when storing a smart key.

We also advise all those who own a car with a remote keyless access system to install a mechanical anti-theft system: a multi-lock (lock on the gearbox), a lock on the steering wheel or a pedal lock. Thanks to additional security systems, you will reduce the risk of theft of your car.

The fact is that even if attackers remove the signal from your key and retransmit it to the car, they will not be able to quickly steal the car because they will face mechanical protection against theft, which you need to spend a lot of time to get around. In 90 percent of cases, the criminals will be forced to retreat.

We also recommend that you do not store a contactless car key in the hallway (in the corridor) next to the front door or next to the window to the street. These are the most dangerous places where attackers can try to catch a signal from a car key. If you have a safe in your house, then put the smart key in it.

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How to install a keyless entry system on a car

Some drivers are interested in how to add keyless entry to a car and the principle of operation of this device. First, you need to understand how this system works. After that, you can start installing it. You can put such access on any injection car. There are also examples of installation on carburetor engines, but it is quite difficult to do this there. For independent installation work, you should know the basics of working with the electronics of the machine, so you can simplify your task. In general, equipping the car in this way is a feasible task, there are no super-complex actions that cannot be performed in a conventional garage.

Please note that the keyless entry car installation (with the Smart Key) system will require intervention in the car alarm system, as well as in the engine control unit. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, you should not try to produce work. It is also worth considering that on some models the process may differ slightly from the standard method. In general, the installation looks like this:

  • Installing a keyless access unit, it is better to hide it under the torpedo;
  • Connecting to the alarm control unit, synchronize and pre-configure the systems;
  • Putting the engine start button, and connect it;
  • Synchronizing with the chip for remote access.

In some cases, you may need to adjust the sensitivity. This should be done to avoid problems with an unnecessarily large system response distance.

Conclusions. In practice, it is quite possible to make yourself able to tear off the car without a key. To do this, you need to know how to install keyless access and how this system works. In this case, there will be no problems with the configuration process. But, it is necessary to take into account the possible risks. 

If you do not want to learn the whole science of the car device yourself and implement a keyless access system, you can contact ADUK specialists (hardware design company) who will help with advice and in the execution of your plans.

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