Energy Management Systems

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The desire to reduce resource consumption and save energy, using it as efficiently as possible, is the main reason for the introduction of an energy management system. The increase in fuel prices, the increase in the amount of energy consumed, the abundance of harmful industrial waste in the air, and the strict requirements of legislation in the field of energy conservation complicate the regulation of the energy supply sector and increase costs.

To achieve optimization of energy supply costs, innovative management solutions, more efficient production, and technological procedures, and auxiliary processes are developed and implemented. This applies to both enterprises and household cases when it is possible to significantly save and rationally distribute energy and reduce its losses.

The crisis phenomena in the modern world economy have led to an aggravation of negative trends in the development of industry, to overcome which it is necessary to solve major problems related primarily to the efficient use of fuel and energy resources (FER). This is due to the fact that about 40% of all consumed fuel and energy resources are spent without return, inefficiently.

In the context of rising global energy prices and the financial and energy crisis of enterprises, the most important task facing managers is to increase the energy efficiency of production, including reducing costs by reducing costs in the production, transportation, and use of energy.

Therefore, improving energy efficiency in both production and consumption is of particular importance. Recognizing the importance of energy as a resource that requires the same management as any expensive product is the first step towards improving energy and environmental efficiency and reducing enterprise costs.

Energy management system – useful reality of our life


The Light Bulb 4498792 1920343453Improving the efficiency of energy saving is a cyclical process that requires consistency, coordination, and clear planning. To solve this problem, it is necessary to organize a well-thought-out management structure and incentive mechanisms for rational fuel and electricity consumption.

The specifics of each enterprise require an individual approach to the creation of the structure and implementation of energy management. The new rules should be organically combined with the current technological processes and with the company’s management system.

What is energy management system?
The energy management system (or EMS) is a complex of hardware and software tools that allows you to optimize the volume of energy consumption, predict and control the processes of using the required amount of resources.

Energy saving solutions include systems or their individual components (sensors, regulators, etc.) that help protect against energy leaks and normalize proper use. The ISO 50001:2018 standard stands guard over rationalism, which describes the main provisions on energy management.

The obvious thing is that you (as a business owner)should invest in creating such a system at your enterprise you will be able to increase your direct income by reducing the fee for any type of energy and increasing the difference between electricity tariff plans up to 20%.

Benefits of using an energy management system


Businessman 3300891 192023535For organizations, the most effective way to reduce energy costs and prevent energy losses is to create an ISO 50001 energy management system. This standard not only helps energy saving solutions, but also contributes to the organization’s compliance with legal requirements regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

The introduction of a systematic approach to energy management of an organization’s ISO 50001 standards is based on existing legal norms. Organizations that install this system are required to draw up action plans, set goals for energy consumption, set energy efficiency indicators, identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency, register, and prioritize.

What advantages does the energy management system have for the organization?

  • First, energy costs in the organization are falling. The structure created for measuring and managing energy consumption will reduce costs.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced. It is also a legal obligation.
  • Entrepreneurial risks arise and weaknesses in energy resources are identified. This will create confidence in the energy supply.
  • Awareness of energy management in an organization creates behavioral changes. This helps to reduce energy consumption and increase productivity.
  • The energy policy and goals of the organization are formalized. After all, the organization will have an Energy Management Policy.
  • Integration with other systems, such as Quality Management or Environmental Management, is much easier. This increases the maximum benefit from the system.

The solution for the above problems will significantly improve the quality and competitiveness of products, the attractiveness of investments, and the innovative development of industries.

All companies that have implemented smart energy management system in their production claim that the use of systems with the standard has significantly reduced energy consumption costs. Thus, the Chinese company Delta Electronics, in the conditions of unchanged production capacities, for five months of this year achieved a reduction in electricity consumption by 10.51 million kWh compared to the same period of the previous year, which is equivalent to a reduction of 10,200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and savings of $1.26 million.

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Basically, such systems are installed at large-scale enterprises, where the amount of energy reaches huge volumes. These can be workshops, factories, factories, warehouses, or mines where the level of electrification reaches peak values. Thanks to the control and rational use of energy, large savings and a reduction in business energy tariffs are obtained.

The increase in energy prices and the change in the attitude to their consumption has led to the fact that the word “energy efficiency” has firmly entered our lives. The insulation of walls or even the transition to alternative energy sources today will not surprise anyone. But, nevertheless, these measures are sometimes not enough. Modern homes equipped with a variety of electrical appliances require the introduction of energy management. Some smart homes already have this feature. But why not save your money for heating or electricity in an ordinary house?

For such situations, you can make a custom home energy management system. It can be made modular for a different number of devices and even with the possibility of an easy upgrade. ADUK developed a similar system earlier. This energy management system is designed for monitoring and controlling various types of devices whose operation is associated with thermal processes. In addition, he is able to calculate the optimal electricity rates and ensure the economical operation of heaters.

In addition, when building energy management system took into account compatibility with most devices and the possibility of compact installation. Everything you need for your home.

Creation of energy management system


Pasted Image 0 53235To develop this system, both for production and for the home, only general data about the network of devices (their number, power, etc.) and the customer’s preferences are required. For example, you can install an energy-saving heater at home, which will save a quarter of heat leaks in the cold season and pay off in the second year of use. Such systems can be developed by professionals with experience, such as ADUK. Contact us in any convenient way, and we will help you to save comfortably in any condition.

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