Agriculture Sensor Array

Case study: How to avoid crop damage. Monitoring insects populations.

According to Food and Agricultural Organization of US, insects are caused to destroy 20% of the world’s total crop production annually, generating a loss of hundred billion dollars to the economy.

In addition to the economic losses from crop damage, there are indirect losses related to an implication of pesticides.

Agriculture requires a targeted approach to pest management – easy, safe and low-cost control methods. In order to make well-informed decisions about when to spray the crops, to target insecticides more accurately to reduce costs, optimise resources and improve yield, it should be able to:

Detect species that are present
Determine their population density
Determine how they are distributed in the field
We developed a LoraWAN sensor array based on STM32F4xx, MCU and RFM95W 868/915Mhz RF Transceiver Module and applied onboard decision making

Technologies used
  • STM32F4xx
  • MCU
  • RFM95W 868/915Mhz RF Transceiver Module
  • Onboard decision making

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