Why Does Your CTO Must Have a Ph.D.?

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) the person who should be in every company team because more and more companies are amenable to digitalization in our time. Without him, your technical side and team will not be able to organize digital development properly or will do it in an unoptimized way. This will make the company bankrupt or at best spend more time and resources to perform the necessary tasks. So, CTO – Must-Have in every company.

This article is targeted for future CTO or companies that need some fresh blood in their dev-team. But they have trouble: they cannot choose whether to take a skilled specialist without education or the same but with technical higher education in the required field. We will bring clarity to your minds and you will make a decision more easily and quickly than before. Let’s get started.

Who’s your MVP CTO?

First, your CTO must have three competencies: Communication, Management, and Development Experience. Without a high level of competencies above – your future CTO can’t play his role in the right way and this will crash efficiency to zero. In the next articles, we will tell you about The Most Important Skills of Succeed CTO.

Why does the CTO need a Ph.D.?

After doing a big researching work we have noticed that the biggest salaries have specialists with higher education. Yes, it’s hard to get the Ph.D. because you have to do a lot of searching for information, processing it, forming thoughts, creating scientific projects and works.

Some people think that this way – is the longest and hardest one. They say that doing a Ph.D. is a waste of time in 90%. That’s because of no financial benefits over a master’s degree or a very slim premium. But statistics and a lot of serious entrepreneurs could say that Ph.D. is a good indicator of a purposeful person who is willing to devote if not all his life, then a lot of time to engage in any kind of intellectual activity.

Summary insights

After that we asked few advisers (professors, the Internet, friends, Ph.D. students) let us introduce our TOP-4 Insights About Usefulness of PhD:

1. If you are in love with academia as a general way of doing things (administering/taking exams, homework, learning exercises, etc.) this might be right for you.

2. If your field of study is especially interesting to you; so interesting in fact, that you could spend your entire life investigating a very small number of microscopic problems in a particular sub-field, then this might be right for you.

3. You could spend all the years, and all the thousands of dollars trying to get your Ph.D., and even disregarding the possibility that you might fail before you get your Ph.D., might also put yourself in a position where you’re almost unemployable because your skills are so specific. (without industry experience or a friendly connection, no way you’ll get a major CTO position at a big company)

4. Around 33% of your time spent as a post-doc, or a Ph.D. professor is looking for grant money, and even with the help of your underlings this can still be very taxing.


Every entrepreneur and every CTO have the right to choose whether it is necessary to have a Ph.D. Our strong position is a highly qualified specialist should be in real love with science and have confirmation of this.

That’s because in ADUK GmbH Team our CTO Anton Varavin recently received his Candidate Degree of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in specialty Radiophysics with a theme Phase Locking of Solid-State Signal Sources in the Shortwave Part of the Millimeter Radio Waves Range” in Kharkiv O. Ya Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

We are proud of him because he is a powerful Foundation for the implementation of your ideas. So, turning to ADUK GmbH you can be sure – your project is in almighty hands of professionals and the result will satisfy all your required needs!

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