The key factors transport companies should consider before launching IoT applications

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IoT in Transport is nothing new, in fact, the transport sector was one of the earliest adopters to IoT connectivity and today, innovation in IoT transport applications is accelerating. The drivers behind this growth are the transport companies themselves and their persistence for further cost efficiencies and a dogged determination to maintain their competitive advantage.

Over the years, the benefits of connected solutions have been demonstrated in both the fleet management and asset tracking markets, with the number of fleet management connections projected to reach 143 million by 2027, so it’s no wonder that more and more transport companies are jumping on board to seize the opportunity. Embedded software development services and embedded hardware development you can find at our website.

True to form, taking that first tentative step into the world of IoT is not without its risks and challenges. This eBook is a guide to selecting the right global connectivity for your transport application and outlines everything you stand to gain from IoT and the inevitable pitfalls to look out for, such as:
– The 5 major drivers behind IoT adoption and where your embedded firmware company can derive value
– The four important technical considerations you should discuss with your connectivity provider before launching your transport application
– The key commercial factors to take into account when choosing a global connectivity provider
– Weighing the pros and cons of becoming a private MVNO

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