Talk2M Easy Setup aims to make machine connectivity easier

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HMS Networks launched a new set of features in the Talk2M Easy Setup framework for Ewon Products. This is designed to make secure remote machine access connectivity even easier for machine builders and end users.

In 2019, HMS Networks released Talk2M Easy Setup for the Ewon Cosy and Flexy products. Now users will benefit from even easier and secure remote machine configuration, installation and connectivity thanks to new features and enhancements in updated versions of two key software components in the Talk2M Easy Setup framework:

The new version of Connection Checker reportedly provides clear diagnostics. It also reports on the connection status and performance between Ewon-connected machines in a factory and the Talk2M remote access cloud service.

Users are notified whether a successful connection has been established or not, and any connectivity issue can be instantly located. Users are also said to benefit from detailed information about which parameters need to be changed to solve the connectivity problem.

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The eCatcher Remote Access software has been updated to identify IP address conflicts, offering auto-healing capabilities which have been developed by HMS based upon common internet connectivity issues in the field.

In addition, eCatcher now also includes a new security feature which enables users to encrypt Talk2M Easy Setup configuration files including e.g. internet connectivity settings.

“We want to make working life easier for our customers, and with the new features in Talk2M Easy Setup we definitely achieve this objective,” says Marie-Luce Bodineau, head of Ewon product management at HMS Networks.

“Factory networking and internet connectivity are getting more and more complex, and we estimate that about 70% of remote access support cases relate to Internet connectivity issues. In this context, the updated Talk2M Easy Setup tools will be key for our, offering an easy and secure path to achieve successful remote configuration and connectivity in an easy way without the need for IT-skills.”

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