Scale-up companies shortlisted for the £70,000 Brazil Tech Awards

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Eight international scale-ups have just been chosen out of the 138 that entered the first edition of the Brazil Tech Award, which is the only Brazilian competition to attract innovative companies from all over the world to Brazil.

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“There were 29 countries that entered scale-ups in the Smart Cities, HealthTech, Fintech, Entertainment, Agtech, Manufacturing and MadTech areas. Out of the 138, we had great participation from companies in the Health, Agrobusiness and Fintech areas,” comments Sandra Sinicco, co-founder of LatamTECH.UK, the British company that manages the award.

“The countries that most of the scale-ups came from were the United Kingdom, India and the United States. However, it is very interesting to see that we have two companies from Russia and two from Portugal among the finalists, as well as one from Israel. The other three are British,” she adds.

The presentations, along with the final company pitches, will be on November 4th at the FIESP Theater (Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo), from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. LatamTECH.UK will support the finalists so that they can prepare the best presentation to the Brazilian public.

Running in parallel will be an EXPO that presents the Brazil Tech Award 2019 semi-finalists and finalists. As well as these innovative scale-ups, the chambers of commerce of various countries will participate in the Expo, along with the British government.

“The EXPO will showcase some of the world’s most creative scale-ups and the idea is to foster relationships between foreign and Brazilian companies,” says Gustavo Sanchez Reulet, co-founder of LatamTECH.UK.

The 2019 Brazil Tech Award offers an unprecedented £70,000 (€78,759) award for services to the winning scale-up, including a free one-year office in Sao Paulo in a WeWork building; Business Development services by Deloitte; digital marketing by Eydos Digital; coaching by Sterna and business strategies by New Option; and legal support and Public Relations services by GrupoCASA Brasil.

The acceleration programme Acelera Startup will also take place on the day of the award. This initiative will bring together more than 500 technology-based innovation companies that will go through mentoring, have business meetings and may attend the 2019 Brazil Tech Award Final at the end of the event.

The 8 Finalists

Bionema (United Kingdom): a developer with more than 30 years of experience in biopesticide research, development and marketing, creating chemical-free pest management solutions for the horticulture, grass, landscape and forestry sectors. Biopesticides reduce the use of synthetic pesticides and increase crop yields by using microorganisms (fungi, bacteria and nematodes) to protect crops from insect damage.

Infraspeak (Portugal): a technical operations platform that adapts to the needs of a manager or business, with a range of services, such as Cost Management, Report Generator, Economic Analysis, Building Management or Auditing, among others. Services are divided to serve professionals (general managers, managers and technicians) or the business (facility management, technical assistance, hotels, retail and industry).

Illumr (United Kingdom): helps organisations to better understand and predict patterns of behaviour that affect them by providing Explainable AI solutions. It is a deep-tech enterprise data analytics application that uses a proprietary methodology based on complex self-organising systems in 3D. Drawn from over a decade’s worth of academic research, it derives hypothesis-free insights that all existing analytics tools are blind to. The pilot version of the product has successfully delivered unique insights to enterprise partners and is estimated to drive millions in cost savings.

Intsite (Israel): combines Computer Vision, Deep Learning technologies and aerospace algorithms with hardware (cameras and other sensors), transforming any heavy construction machinery, such as tower cranes and excavators, into safer, more efficient, smarter, and more cost-effective autonomous machines. Machine safety and performance are improved as the machinery becomes “smarter”.

Motorica (Russia): develops futuristic myoelectric prostheses (the electrical activity is generated by muscle contraction) for the hands and arms of children and adults. These are designed by the development department and medical experts. The scale-up already has offices in Russia, China and India.

Promptly (Portugal): a platform with 2 different communities: for doctors and patients. The first one provides physicians with real-time information about patients in treatment who can be better cared for. The platform also provides validated and organised data for clinical research. Patient information provides information on general illnesses, compares treatment progress with other patients, and helps other patients with the same illness. All the shared data is confidential and anonymous.

Talkbank (Russia): Enables account holders to chat with their bank on a Messenger-like system for balance inquiries, payments and transfers, as well as receive advice on financial applications, among other services, at any time of the day. The technology brings together AI and BigData, and dispenses with traditional banking, office and call centre applications, according to entrepreneurs.

Voltaware (United Kingdom): This is a real-time management service of electricity consumption in homes, offices or buildings, which enables the reduction of the monthly bill. It provides a detailed consumption analysis in the 24/7 scheme, indicates inefficiently energy-consuming electrical appliances, and suggests how to save money with detailed electricity bills and tariff comparisons.

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