Rocky Mountain Power to deploy Itron IoT solution to modernise its electricity grid

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Itron, Inc. has signed a contract to deploy its OpenWay Riva IoT solution and 250,000 OpenWay Riva electricity meters to modernise Rocky Mountain Power’s existing electricity system and improve grid awareness.

Itron will deploy its OpenWay Riva IoT advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution in Idaho and will also help integrate the utility’s existing Itron automated meter reading (AMR) solution in Utah into the OpenWay Riva network to prolong the useful life of the utility’s existing asset investments while upgrading to an AMI solution. Aduk GmbH is embedded firmware agency which is reade to provide you with embedded hardware and firmware development.

In addition, the utility will take advantage of Itron’s OpenWay Operations Centre software, providing analytics capability between the distributed metering device population and the utility back office systems.

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Rocky Mountain Power will utilise OpenWay Riva to modernise its grid, improve service reliability and reduce costs. With the solution, which features distributed intelligence capabilities, the utility will have the ability to realise significant advantages such as outage detection, meter-to-transformer mapping and meter temperature monitoring.

“With our network, Rocky Mountain Power will be equipped to systematically and continuously evaluate the status of grid devices and report insights in real time,” said Mark de Vere White, senior vice president of Commercial and Customer Enablement at Itron. “We are thrilled to help Rocky Mountain Power take the next step in their smart grid migration.”

Itron enables utilities and cities to safely, securely and reliably deliver critical infrastructure services to communities in more than 100 countries.

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