Flexible charging critical to build profits with complex customer services, says Neural Tech

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Increasing demands for more personalised customer services are creating a complex ecosystem of customer charging processes. “To maximise the opportunities of potential revenue streams, network operators must consider effective digital transformation solutions to effectively bill and charge customers,” says Kent Lopez at Neural Technologies ahead of the CCA Mobile Carriers Show (March 30th – April 1st 2020) at Sheraton Dallas Hotel

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Network operators face unprecedented levels of complex and unique customer service demands which must be effectively processed, charged and billed. Increased traffic, via IoT and the move to 5G, create the possibilities for new end-user experiences that add to this demand, posing a challenge for operators to effectively manage and charge for these new customer services.

“Managing the complexity of customer services on the network is an increasing challenge which is critical to address in order to compete in a highly competitive carriers’ market,” says Kent Lopez, vice president of sales for the Americas at Neural Technologies. “Customers expect to receive personalised subscriber services, making it critical for Customer service providers to effectively deliver and flexibly charge customers while maximising potential revenue streams. Adopting an automated platform to process the myriad of services and charge accurately is key for carriers to vie for loyal customers in a competitive market and avoid revenue leakage too.”

Neural Technologies’ Optimus Charging Solution, a charging and analytics platform, has reportedly provided many telecom operators with a revenue assurance platform for maintaining the highest ROI and enhancing customer experience. With the ability to adopt tariff structures, the Optimus Charging Solution can handle any level of complexity in charging solutions to provide both maximum flexibility and profitability to customers within a multi-leveled Tariff ecosystem.

Lopez adds, “We are delighted to be showcasing the Optimus Charging solution at the CCA Mobile Carriers Show (booth 611) alongside innovators within the industry. Having delivered the Optimus solution to leading operators around the world, we are looking forward to supporting more carriers in the US to gain a competitive edge as we continue to expand our digital transformation solutions in the US and LATAM.”

Neural Technologies’ Revenue Protection portfolio will be showcased alongside the Optimus platform, which has been adopted globally by leading operators to enable Digital Transformation and improve Fraud Management (FMS) and enhanced Customer Experience (CX).

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