Ensuring connectivity when going global

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With many more ‘things’ being connected as part of the IoT, one of the most critical obstacles facing enterprises is ensuring ‘always on’ connectivity for their devices.

In the case of service providers and device OEMs, who may have global operations and where being connected is closely related to the service they offer – no connectivity = no service.

With global network shutdowns imminent, future-proofing devices in advance is increasingly imperative.

This exclusive report from Beecham Research explores eSIM as the key to achieving long term global IoT connectivity.

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  • The 2 key elements of eSIM
  • 3 main use cases where eSIM is most useful
  • Network shutdowns are just another connectivity hurdle for service providers and OEMs
  • Case study: Electricity grid operator finds its smart metering solution at risk due to network shutdowns
  • eSIM market growth projections for 2022: How will eUICC shipments compare with new cellular IoT connections?
  • Diagram: What does the customer journey to eSIM deployment look like?

Register here to learn how to future-proof your IoT devices and avoid the challenges of network shutdowns with eSIM, it’s a ‘must read’ for service providers and OEMs diving into 2020.

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