Can cellular technology become the basis for Industrial IoT?

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Cellular connectivity will build a role across the three domains of industrial IoT.

Cellular networks have had limited success in addressing the needs of the industrial sector. While they have been relatively successful in supporting wide-area use cases such as fleet management and asset-tracking they have not penetrated the in-building or campus domains. The telecoms industry is promoting 5G as a networking solution that will unify the three domains – in-building, campus and wide area – of the industrial sector and support diverse asset requirements.

Indeed, the telecoms industry is developing 5G with new industrial use cases in mind. However, the challenges of addressing the industrial sector extend beyond the technical issues. This report, authored by Michele Mackenzie, the principal analyst for the IoT Services research programme at Analysys Mason, and Caroline Chappell, the lead analyst for Digital Infrastructure Strategies at Analysys Mason, discusses some of the challenges that the industry faces and how they are being overcome.

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