Technology in 2020: Trends You Must Not Miss

Technology in 2020: Trends You Must Not Miss

In 2020 robots will not replace people in the labor market. But there are several trends that are worth watching after because one day you suddenly wake up in the future, which has suddenly come, and everything has become incomprehensible.

Smartphones are changing

What wasn`t just in trend: at first the mobile phones were big, then they got smaller (and later get bigger), then “clamshells” appeared, then they disappeared, and returned in 2019.

Most technology observers are convinced that flip-screen gadgets will become more common.

The trend announced itself in 2019 with the release of Samsung pioneer Galaxy Fold, which was constantly delayed due to technical difficulties with the screen.

Not so a simple job – to make a flexible screen.

When the phone entered the market, it was (and is), in the opinion of generality, too expensive. But, as you know, the development of a certain technology involves a decrease in prices, so this trend is really worth watching.

In 2020, the market will see more flip phones from more companies.

Technology in 2020: Trends You Must Not Miss

Netflix isn`t the Only

Streaming services are at a peak of popularity. People pay for a subscription in exchange for unlimited access, for example, to music or movies.

It is convenient, fast and simple. Just Netflix subscribers are becoming more and more every year. But Netflix itself also has numerous competitors, such as Apple TV Plus or Disney Plus.

And such a trend in the development of streaming services in 2020 will only grow.

You can subscribe not only to music and movies but also to training programs, gaming platforms and the like.

Technology in 2020: Trends You Must Not Miss

The combination of a man with a computer

In order not to miss the moment when everyone around will have a microchip in the brain to improve their abilities, another trend worth watching is the progress in the work of Elon Musk Neuralink. In 2020, the company should begin human trials.

According to the American newspaper The New York Times, Musk has invested about $100 million in the company. The inventor recently stated that the company has already tested rat implants, and human testing may begin as early as 2020.

Truly, ethical issues did not go around this idea of ​​Mask. Many experts are concerned about the potential leak of personal information, which may be associated with the use of such technologies.

Technology in 2020: Trends You Must Not Miss

Social Networks` Trends

Social networks will also change. Instagram has been testing one of them for more than a month – there are plans to get rid of “likes”. Most likely, Facebook will eventually join the initiative.

Knowingly or not, “likes” affect a person’s behavior on the Internet and her mood, and there are already numerous confirmations in the form of scientific papers. If you remove the likes, people will download more content to social networks. More content – more profit for platforms.

Another news from Facebook – in early 2020, the platform should launch Facebook Dating in Europe. The founder of the network, Mark Zuckerberg, commenting on the launch of the function in the United States, expressed the hope that it will help people “find love through common interests, groups and events.”

Earlier, Facebook also announced the launch of a cryptocurrency called Libra, which supposedly will be available for payment from 2020.

Technology in 2020: Trends You Must Not Miss

Space Tickets

2020 can bring a lot of interesting news for space lovers.

Elon Musk`s company SpaceX is planning the first manned flight of the Crew Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station in the winter of 2020.

But Musk is not the only billionaire who has space plans. Blue Origin, a private aerospace company led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, hopes to bring people into space as early as 2020.

Another Virgin Galactic company has the same ambition – to deliver passengers into space in the 2020th. This company has been selling tickets for a long time. True, the price of such pleasure is 250 thousand dollars, according to the BBC.

But, given the competition and the rapid development of technology, some observers suggest that prices in the coming decades may well become more affordable.

Technology in 2020: Trends You Must Not Miss

5G Internet

It seems that the promise of a massive 5G Internet launch has been around for ages. Now about 40 networks in 22 states offer this service (but to use it, your phone must support 5G, which is still not even in the latest iPhone).

Experts predict that 2020 will be the year of 5G: according to estimates, more than 100 operators will offer this service.

5G is 5-10 times faster in downloading data than 4G; and it’s called the biggest technological leap we’ve ever seen.

But the “transition” is unlikely to be quick. Most operators will adjust to the new format. First, 5G NR (Non stand-alone) will work, which uses a 4G network (LTE eNB), and only then 5G will switch to natural frequencies.

Technology in 2020: Trends You Must Not Miss

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more common every year, and 2020 is no exception. In simple terms, this is a rapidly growing network of interconnected devices that collect information with the help of software and sensors and share it with each other.

For example, when a kitchen kettle or a machine, refrigerator, washing machine, thermostat, toothbrush or other device can be controlled from the phone.

Back in 2017, technology correspondent Eric Rodriguez on TruNews said: “Many people think that they don’t have “Internet of Things” devices. A phone, for example, is the first of these devices. Look at your phone right now and realize how many applications you have on it. Technically, they are also “devices” of the “Internet of Things” because each application does something specific: either it is a medical application, or an application for calculating taxes or online banking.”

A sharp spread of the “Internet of things” should get with the full introduction of 5G.

Technology in 2020: Trends You Must Not Miss

Well, we have made for you an overview of the main, in our opinion, trends in 2020 in the field of technology. What other trends do you think will appear in the new year?