Where to Use Face Recognition Systems?

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Face identification is the new trend in the biometric identification and authentication of individuals. This market reached $3.72 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to $9.6 billion by 2022, with an annual CAGR of 21.3% observed since 2016. This means that the technology is in vogue, seen as the easiest and most effective method of people’s quick authentication. Indeed, it proved to be more precise than fingerprint scanning and voice recognition, thus finding various applications in all spheres, from security to marketing.

The most evident field of this technology’s use is security. Putting a face detection camera at an airport entrance or a railway station can simplify the process of identifying criminals and tracking events during forensic investigations. A facial emotion recognition system is now frequently used in social media to determine users’ reactions to consumed content and perform intelligent content filtration based on that data.

This technology has also found a realm of applications in digital marketing. The method of machine learning face recognition is currently used to determine the person’s gender, age, and ethnicity, which enables more focused and nuanced marketing approaches to each user.

Whatever the use of this tech is, one fact is evident: the human face base is a strategically important asset that grows and expands, giving all kinds of businesses better efficiency, greater security, and a more customized outreach to individuals. The good news is that you can also embrace this technology and apply it to your business needs to excel in your niche.

Where to Use Face Recognition Systems?

Business cases for the use of face recognition systems are numerous today. For instance, smart homes using the IoT technology to create an interconnected, intelligent device ecosystem for users can utilize the facial recognition door lock to let authorized individuals in. Thus, the problem of losing your keys or finding a place for them in your pocket can be resolved forever. Besides, if your friends or parents arrive earlier than you, they’ll never need to wait for you at the doorsteps anymore.

Man 5946820 960 720 1Another application gaining momentum is the manufacture of phones with face recognition. The fingerprint type of security is still topical. Still, unblocking your smartphone with your face is an innovative, unique method of protecting your device from unauthorized users. This technology involves color segmentation, template matching, and other intelligent algorithms to determine whether it’s really you who tries to access your phone. Apple used to be a pioneer in this technology, but today, many more brands have applied facial recognition in their smartphones (Huawei, Honor, Samsung, etc.).

Finally, the facial expression recognition technology is worth a mention here. There are numerous applications for this tech, and businesses can reap tons of valuable information about their customers’ reactions and experiences with their products and services in real-time. Game producers use such systems to capture the gamers’ emotions and see whether they are satisfied, bored, or dissatisfied with some gaming episodes. Social media apply the technology to identify emotions caused by specific pieces of content and sort their posts for specific users to maximize their satisfaction. Besides, IoT spaces can provide personalized messages to users based on the smart analysis of their current emotional state. Entertainment providers also apply this technology to analyze users’ reactions to movies and music, using that data to anticipate demand and offer customized selections on iTunes or Netflix.

Pros and Cons

Looking at how face recognition advances today, one might think it’s an ideal approach to human identification and customized service. Still, there are many cases when systems of face recognition fail. Besides, one should understand what makes the best face recognition software, choosing a system for their individual business or personal needs with caution. Let’s clarify these points by reviewing the pros and cons of such tech.


  • Robust protection against business theft and unauthorized access to protected buildings and objects

Placing face recognition cameras on all entrances can help businesses ensure that only authorized people access specific sections of the building. Besides, face recognition systems can help investigate fraud and theft upon its occurrence.

  • Strengthened security at any object

Security of any building or object can be automated and improved by installing a face recognition system. It won’t let unauthorized individuals in, alerting staff once anybody trespasses the restricted areas.

  • Assistance in finding missing people

With the help of face recognition, law enforcement officers can quickly trace missing people (especially children) and criminals. Besides, the smart aging software can be applied to model how missing children can look today, thus helping find them over the years.

  • Enhanced medical treatment outcomes and telemedicine diagnostics

Face recognition systems proved quite effective in determining genetic disorders and mental disorders. Thus, individuals going through facial scanning can receive vital health recommendations and early diagnostics to avoid health deterioration.

  • Reduced number of touchpoints

Facial recognition is a vital contributor to security automation, thus involving fewer staff in security control and helping individuals pass through most security points quicker.

  • Individualized, customized, and anticipatory marketing and shopping

By recognizing your emotions and reactions, marketing systems can weed out the products you don’t like, offering only the ones fitting your preferences and tastes. Such changes are sure to contribute to much more pleasant shopping.

Camera 4973325 960 720 15235Cons

  • Challenge for human privacy and confidentiality

Massive systems of face recognition and recording for unclear future use pose privacy and confidentiality issues, with some cities and states banning the use of such kind of surveillance for human privacy. Thus, before installing such systems, businesses need to double-check the local regulations.

  • Increasing limitations of personal freedom

The fact that their faces are scanned and recorded makes many people feel caged and intimidated, getting in line with criminal suspects.

  • Violation of human rights

Fae detection cameras are widely used in non-democratic countries to spy for people, which doesn’t contribute to public acceptance of this technology.

  • Data vulnerabilities and high risks of data theft

Hackers and criminals getting access to facial recognition records can steal their identity, commit crimes on their behalf, or stalk people by finding their location. Thus, while technology is still imperfect, it should be subject to strict regulations and robust protection.

  • Facial recognition errors can hurt innocent people and cause unreasonable problems with the law

Face recognition is prone to error. However minimal and unlikely, it’s still possible. Thus, innocent people can be tagged as criminals, which will cause them serious trouble and discomfort.

Based on this information, you may choose the best suitable system for you, focusing on the features that are a priority specifically for you instead of paying for an all-in-one package.

Cost of a Facial Recognition System

Given such popularity of face recognition technology and its growing adoption in various spheres, more companies invest in it and advance their tech profiles. At this point, the consideration of facial recognition system cost comes into play as not all businesses can afford massive, costly investments into such innovation. The ultimate cost of your face recognition systems development depends on the technical specifications (the more complex they are, the costlier the project gets) and timeframes (urgency poses an additional load on human resources, thus costing more). Besides, the final estimate depends on your competence on the subject, clarity of project details, and involvement in the planning and development process.

Set Up Your Face Recognition System with Aduk

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