How Did The Coronavirus Affect The Technology Sphere

The coronavirus COVID-19 has seriously scared the public. People in different parts of the world suffer from it. Panic and chaos gradually cover entire continents. Of course, this virus causes serious problems in the field of technology and makes a big hole in the world’s economy. We will talk about its impact on this sector in this article.

The epidemic caused changes not only in people’s lives but also affected the production of gadgets and the functioning of various services. Most of all, this affected China, as well as all the companies that are associated with it. Regular stores quickly noticed the loss of customers, as the virus forces many people to stay at home. But online platforms and online communication services have become even more popular. Demand for computers and laptops, as well as smartphones for gamers, began to increase. Many students have switched to distance learning, so there is a need for portable devices.

However, a sharp jump in sales inevitably leads to a shortage of components. Many factories suspend their work because of COVID-19, so it will be quite difficult to provide consumers with the necessary number of devices. Diseases and quarantines of Chinese employees affected the Assembly and production of components, and this, in turn, slowed down the release of new gadgets.


The virus has also affected important and expected events related to the IT sector. The presentation began to be deposited around the world. One of the first decisions was to postpone the Huawei conference. HDC.Cloud was scheduled to take place from March 11 to 12 in the city of Shenzhen in China. However, the growth of the coronavirus forced the cancellation of this event. The company plans to postpone the event to March 27. But it is possible that due to the epidemic, the conference will be held online.


The next no less important event in 2020 was to be held in Barcelona on February 24. There were plans to introduce a lot of new gadgets at the Mobile World Conference, but the virus prevented it here as well. The cancellation was announced before the event itself. Many well-known companies decided not to participate in the exhibition due to the spread of the disease. Later it turned out that the organizers themselves also cancel the large-scale event. There are versions that can negatively affect many aspects. For example, the GSM Association will lose a lot of money, and the future fate of the mobile electronics exhibition will be in question.


Facebook also canceled its conference with audience participation. It was planned to tell about interesting projects and innovations. But in order not to disappoint its audience, the company began streaming videos online. This allowed us to share interesting events and news.

GDC 2020

The March conference of game developers in San Francisco is also tolerated. Game Developers Conference 2020 was scheduled to take place from March 16 to 20. The organizers sent a message that the long-awaited event will be held in the summer due to the coronavirus. Experts decided to review the situation, and came to a similar conclusion. Some companies, including Sony, LG, Nokia, Ulefone, Vivo, ZTE, EA, and others, decided to cancel their trip to the event due to the epidemic even before the official statement of the organizers.

Google I/O 2020

In early March, it became known that Google is canceling a conference that it holds every year. It was supposed to bring together I/O developers from different countries. The event was scheduled to take place from May 12 to 14. Money for tickets will be refunded to customers. But you could consider the fact that a well-known search engine will broadcast online, where you can share interesting news and announcements.

At the moment, Apple’s presentation of the iPhone 9 on March 31 is under threat of disruption due to the spread of the virus. The autumn premiere of new models can also be theoretically postponed. There are no plans to cancel the E3 exhibition yet. The organizers hope that by the summer the epidemic will subside, and a large-scale game exhibition will be able to take place. They are already actively preparing for the upcoming event, hoping that because of COVID-19, they will not have to cancel the event.

VI InTech-2020 Technology Conference

Despite the fact that only 9 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Belarus at the time of writing, Belarusian organizers have also started canceling events. The conference scheduled for March 19 is postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus. Softline is responsible for organizing the VI InTech-2020 technology conference in Minsk. It puts the health and safety of customers and partners above all else, so it was decided to temporarily postpone this event. In the future, if the situation with the epidemic improves, new dates for the conference will be announced.

Many IT companies are switching to the remote operation mode. So, for example, Apple decided to play it safe because of the coronavirus outbreak in California. 12,000 people from the headquarters in Cupertino will work from home. Such measures had to be taken after the emergency mode was introduced due to the virus. The company’s offices and stores also began closing in China in January 2020. At the end of February, only a part of them started functioning again.

Apple’s main partner, Foxconn, which is responsible for building devices, temporarily stopped the activity of its factories. Many Chinese have been or left for work, so they can’t work. Apple reported that there are also financial losses due to the closure of a large number of retail stores in China. iPhone shipments have been restricted around the world. The company’s factories are not at the center of the coronavirus outbreak, and employees are already starting to go to work, but the worldwide problem still affected them. Smartphone production, of course, is gradually beginning to resume. However, this is happening much more slowly than expected.

Covid-2019 also affected Samsung. In February, a factory in South Korea in the city of Kumi, where the development and production of smartphones are made, closed for two days. This was due to the fact that a 28-year-old employee was infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, the plant was closed for disinfection, and people in contact with the employee were sent to quarantine. In addition, the company faced another problem. The delivery and sale of new folding models of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip smartphones will be delayed due to the temporary closure of the factory.

Looking into the future

There is no doubt that the technology industry will suffer greatly from the ill-fated virus. This will directly affect not only the corporate segment but also ordinary users. The lack of parts and components, as well as the shortage of labor, will eventually make itself felt. At the same time, the degree of crisis will largely depend on the “life” of the coronavirus on the planet.

However, the spread of coronavirus can increase the demand for medical devices related to human health. It is likely that the evolution of gadgets that allow you to monitor your physical condition will begin.

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