machine vision smart parking

Machine vision smart parking platform. Case study.

The modern smart city industry aims to reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, caused by ongoing cruising for available parking spaces.

While the development of smart parking applications continues to improve, the main challenge is still accurate and timely vehicle detection.

A truly “smart” solution has to meet the needs of drivers, citizens, and municipal administration. It has to be able to improve urban planning through insights on parking occupancy by location and time and, as a result:

  • Eliminate  physical sensors and parking meters installation costs
  • Enable drivers to easily find vacant parking spots using real-time notification  
  • Automate the billing process for parking fees and provide dynamic pricing to maximize parking revenues

Machine vision smart parking solution is a perfect solution for that goals. However, stereo vision cameras make it very expensive. 

We developed a solution that uses a low-cost camera together with machine learning algorithms for finding available parking slots on the city scale, considering different environmental conditions. 

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